WhatsApp Does Not Limit Functionality if You Refuse the Privacy Policy

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WhatsApp initially threatened to revoke core functionality for users who refused to accept the controversial new privacy policy, in go back the severity of the consequences earlier this month between international backlash, and now, it’s left entirely (for now, at least).

Once again, the company clarified on Friday that it does not limit any functionality even if you do not accept the app updated privacy policy however, The TNW reports.

“Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp will work for those who have not yet received the update,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said said in a statement on the Verge. They added that this is the plan to move forward forever.

In a company update FAQ page, WhatsApp clarified that no users will have their accounts deleted or lose functionality if they do not accept the new methods. That said, WhatsApp will still send reminders to users to update “every now and then,” WhatsApp told the Verge. it support page, WhatsApp claims that most users who saw the update accepted.

Initially, the acceptance deadline was planned for February, but WhatsApp pushed the date back to May 15 after being fired from lawmakers, consumer rights advocates, and its own users, along with other critics. On the issue of how this updated policy allows WhatsApp to manage users ’personal data, that raises concerns that it will start forkking that information with the parent company, Facebook. (True, WhatsApp already does that phone numbers of users since an update to its privacy policy in 2016, as reported by The Verge.) The explosive launch of WhatsApp and frightening ultimatums have further fueled outrage.

The company aims to debunk these privacy concerns on its FAQ page, where it was emphasized that this new policy primarily affected business messaging and Facebook could not access users ’location data or message logs. WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart also posted a Twitter thread go into more detail.

However, it will compete with messaging platforms Telegram and Signal has seen a surge in downloads since WhatsApp announced its deadline for adopting the new privacy policy. more federal authorities pushed WhatsApp to remove the new privacy policy or restrict its launch to users, arguing that the update violated local data protection regulations.

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