‘Victims of attack’: Gaza hospital overwhelmed by wounded | News in Gaza

Gaza City – Medical workers were overwhelmed by the number of wounded at Gaza’s most populous hospital after a night of violent airstrikes that killed and injured several Palestinians.

Shaima Ahmed Qwaider, 23, a nurse at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, described on Sunday horrific scenes of seriously injured people arriving, some of them bombing the victims who were missing. branches.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he told Al Jazeera. “There were body parts collected in hospital beds and unbearable scenes.”

While rescuers struggled to pull victims out of the rubbish of the destroyed buildings, many of the survivors could not reach the hospital because the main road leads to al -Shifa – the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip – hit too.

Dr Midhat Abbas from the Gaza health ministry said 1,200 Palestinians had been injured in the seven-day attack, about half women and children.

He accused the Israeli military of deliberately targeting health facilities in air strikes and bombing the streets surrounding al-Shifa.

“They are targeting mainly civilians, they are the victims of this attack,” Dr Abbas said. “[Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu wants to save himself from prison and so he decided to kill Palestinian children. “

Israeli airstrikes killed 33 Palestinians, including 13 children, in Gaza on Sunday, Gaza health officials said. The attacks brought the death toll in Gaza to 181, including 52 children. Israel reported 10 deaths, including two children.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military about the attack.

‘Capacity is very limited’

Dr Abbas said staff set up beds in reception areas while the hospital was full, adding that there was a shortage of medicine and equipment as a result of Israel’s 15 -year siege of Gaza and the coronavirus pandemic.

“We expect patients to go to Egypt [for medical care] because our capacity is very limited, ”Dr Abbas told Al Jazeera.

Nurse Amal Badawi described the exaggeration as more and more injuries were taken.

“The hospital is full of people and relatives. It is difficult to work and conduct the necessary treatment regarding most of this person. The number of injured or killed is high and they keep coming,” Badawi explained. to Al Jazeera.

Among those killed in Sunday’s air strikes was Dr Ayman Abu Auf, an al-Shifa doctor, the health ministry said.

Palestinian rescuers pull a survivor from the collapse of a dilapidated residence on Sunday. [Khalil Hamra/AP]

Fahad al-Haddad, an emergency medicine specialist at al-Shifa, said most of the dead taken to the hospital did not show outward signs of injury, meaning they were killed by the rubble that fell on them. while they are still alive.

Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing a day earlier than planned to allow the passage of students, people in need of medical treatment and other humanitarian cases, two sources said. border to Reuters on Sunday.

The border is closed for the Eid al-Fitr holiday and is about to reopen on Monday as well.

Egypt has currently sent 16 ambulances to Gaza to retrieve those injured in the Israeli bombings for treatment in Egyptian hospitals, a medical source said.

The source said a bus carrying 95 people arrived from Gaza on Sunday morning.

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