Venmo finally allows users to make their Friends List private

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Two weeks later Buzzfeed news is believed to have found President Joe Biden’s Venmo account using the app’s search tool and public friends face, immediately shutting down cyber security and national security alarm bells, Venmo gave users a ability to make their friends list private.

Changing one of Venmo’s lol criticized the appearances over the years, which has seen BuzzFeed news and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong on Friday, users were allowed to create a list of their friends public, friends only, or private. With the new privacy settings, one would expect that people like President Biden, or anyone else for that matter, would be harder to find with the proprietary PayPal app.

To date, Venmo is the only leading social network with a contact-based list of friends that cannot be kept private, according to Buzzfeed. If users sign up for Venmo, they are asked to give the app permission access to contacts on their phone to automatically add contacts to the friends list. (It’s not necessary, even if there are others criticized the app for display to make contact sharing mandatory).

The listing, along with the app’s built-in search tool, reportedly allows the outlet to find Biden’s Venmo profile after not less than 10 minutes search. Buzzfeed was inspired to search Biden’s account after the New York Times published an article to the president accompanying a passing mention that he was sending money to his grandchildren using Venmo. Buzzfeed also found out what Venmo accounts look like for first lady Jill Biden, nearly a dozen members of the Biden family, and senior White House officials.

A Venmo spokesperson confirmed the new privacy feature on Gizmodo on Saturday.

“We are constantly updating and strengthening the Venmo platform for all of our customers. As part of ongoing efforts, we are adding in-app controls that give clients options to choose a public , just friends, or a private setting for their friends list, “said the spokesperson.” We look forward to continuing to provide customers with a seamless payment experience. “

In an article about it help center, Venmo also confirmed that it will now include a “Appear in other users’ friends list ”button. It added that users who choose not to show other users ’friends lists will not show up even if their friends have selected different privacy settings.

As in noticed on Buzzfeed, people can use information about a person’s friends in Venmo to map their activities, which can be able to stalk and put at risk. This information may also reveal other different sensitive information, such as who a therapist’s patients are.

Even if this is a welcome and long-standing change from Venmo, it deserves further analysis. People points that on Friday, the privacy setting for Venmo’s friends list went public by default. To be clear, Venmo is not the only social platform that the public uses as a default—Twitter and Instagram for example, do too – but when given insights, such as a list of friends based on contacts and the fact that it mentions money, it’s best to consider that to ensure privacy and safety.

At the very least, it should explain the risks of creating a public list of your friends and allow users to make a informed choice for themselves.

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