Twitter has stopped public testimonials

Only eight days after the announcement also starting the long -stalled Bluecheck authentication process, Twitter announced on Friday that patience, it is filled with requests and will temporarily ignore new applications from users until the backlog is resolved.

Until this past holiday, Twitter has not allowed members of the public to apply for site-wide verification since the Trump administration began (after they went and proved to be a real Nazi). In December, the company implemented new rules on who can be certified and what the Twitter verification process looks like. Journalists, brands, government officials, activists and other publicly known internet personalities should be tracked quickly for approval saying they can provide evidence-in the form of an ID of government, company masthead or professional profile defining their social management – that they are what we consider.

There is no word yet from the company on when the process may also open for new applicants even if we have a strong pinky oath that it will eventually happen.

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