Twitch has added more than 350 tags to help make more streams

Twitch knows it has it failed in some selected communities, and it has taken steps to encourage more streams. The livestreaming service is increasing more than 350 channel tags featuring multiple communities, including those for gender and sexual orientation, ethnicity, abilities and veteran status. You can simply search for a tag to find streams that exactly match the community you wish to communicate with.

Tags should be available next week.

Twitch says it works with organizations like GLAAD and typographical to develop tags with the community itself. Also welcome on site UserVoice suggestions, and check out the most popular suggestions each week so you can add them later. And yes, Twitch knows that bigots and trolls can abuse tags to destroy streamers-those who face punishment in accordance with the company’s anti-hate policy.

Tags are actually not meant as a cure. Critics argue that Twitch is necessary investing in moderation tools protect against hatred and harassment, for example. The latest move could help viewers looking for friendly streams, though, and could improve communities that would otherwise have gathered under more categories.

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