Trump’s blog, allegedly a cure for social media bans, goes dark | Donald Trump News

Trump launched the blog last month because he remains banned on most sites for his role in inciting unrest in the Capitol.

Donald Trump canceled his own blog, which was launched last month as a solution to the former U.S. president’s continued ban from almost all major social media platforms, an announcer has announced.

Trump aide Jason Miller told CNBC that the blog “will never come back”.

Named “From the Desk of Donald J Trump,” the blog on the website was targeted as an important new outlet after Trump’s defeat in November and punishment of leading social media players for his role in inciting mobs to invade the US. Congress on January 6.

Before that, Trump used social media – especially Twitter and Facebook – to spread misinformation Claiming the presidential election was “stolen” or “rigged”, warning labels were often obtained from sites.

Fox News described the blog – actually a basic set -up where Trump could post statements – as a “communication platform”.

The Trump website itself describes the look of the blog even in more noble terms, calling it “a beacon of freedom” in a “time of silence and lies”.

Trump, who was also banned from Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat after the capitol battle, continues to launch the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen from him. However, the U.S. Congress confirmed Biden’s victory, while Trump’s legal challenge also failed.

In email statements and interviews with right-wing outlets such as OAN, as well as more mainstream Fox News, Trump went on to claim there was no evidence that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Now instead of his blog page, a form appears that allows sign-ups for alerts from the former chief.

In early May, an independent management group lifted Trump’s ban from Facebook but was said to be “inappropriate” for the social media giant to impose an indefinite suspension.

It called on Facebook to investigate the matter within six months.

Miller told CNBC that the blog was only “auxiliary” to broader efforts to rebuild Trump’s social media presence, even though he said there was “no proper awareness of the time” of the plans.

Later, Miller responded to a suggestion that the blog’s demise was being prepared for Trump’s involvement on other social media platforms, tweeting: “Yeah, really, that is. Go on!”

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