This 4K drone for videographers is selling for $ 99 right now

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Drone has changed the way photographers and videographers shoot aerial footage. What was needed expensive helicopters and flight permits can now be achieved what is essentially a remote-operating flight camera. In addition, these devices are much cheaper, allowing anyone from studios with large budgets to amateur hobbyists to add vertical dimensions to their films.

What’s detrimental is that the market is now saturated with choice. If you need a quadcopter even for semi-professional use, you need to find one with tight control and the stability of a very good camera that can be assembled with the rest of the videography equipment. The Global Drone 4K Platinum Version has what you’re looking for, and with this Memorial deal.

The Global Drone is responsive and fast in the air. With three levels of flight speed, you can customize your air time to easily get the camera where it needs to be or just enjoy the scene A gravity sensor allows you to control the Global Drone from a app or via remote control, and it has stabilization technology in the form of an Altitude Hold Function and a Headless Mode. The former provides stable flight using the folded arms of the quadcopter, and the latter locks in the direction of the remote controller.

This drone has a 4K camera that captures high resolution video that you can watch straight from your phone using the mobile app to help you set up the perfect shot. It can fly a total of 14 minutes on a single charge, which is standard for mid-range devices. Finally, the Global Drone has a control distance of approximately 328 feet, or under the height of an entire football field.

If you’re looking for a drone that does well in air and video, consider . Just for this week, you can get this quadcopter for a short price of $ 99.

Prices can be the same.

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