There is Hope for American Movie Theaters

That year as it is undetectable: During the Memorial Day Holiday, a film has a good opening over the weekend at the North American box office. After 15 months of Covid-19 theater closures, delayed release dates, and much concern about the future of filming, A Quiet Place Part II is expected to bring north of $ 57 million. That’s the most done in any movie during a pandemic and far outpaces the last record holder: Godzilla vs. Kong, which raised $ 32 million in March.

To be clear, the $ 57 million isn’t sure what Hollywood fans will call “boffo” – previously Memorial weekend saw the opening top $ 100 million. But in the past year and change, as theater chains have faced bankruptcy and many movie lovers have started a buffet of streaming services to fill their needs, there has been real concern. whether the theater goes, because it has been there for a century, will survive. A Quiet Place Part IIThe opening shows that it can be done.

The next in the years of 2018 A Quiet Place isn’t it just the bright spot. Cruella de Vil the beginning of the Disney story, Cruella, is expected to raise more than $ 26 million for the four -day weekend – a total to come even if the film is also available on Disney + subscribers for an additional $ 30 fee. (For comparison, live-action at Disney Maleficent: Master of Evil, just released in theaters, bringing in $ 37 million inside the house ahead of the pandemic opening over the weekend.) As the coronavirus disease reaches its peak until 2020, and many studios are choosing to put their big releasing the streaming platform, many are wondering if audiences will return to theaters when they can watch the same movies at home. Cruellathe moderate, but strong, opening describes that they will do it.

The big box office news comes amid a little hope for themselves in theaters. Cinema chain AMC Theaters revealed on Monday that it collected about $ 230.5 million to acquire more theaters and expand the business. The company, facing a bad future this time last year, it has now raised money by selling 8.5 million shares of its stock in Mudrick Capital Management, LP and is considering buying locations previously held by ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatras – a move that could provide new- life at the iconic The Cinerama Dome, which, in April, as ArcLight the post-Covid will also not be opened. “With our increasing fluidity, a growing vaccinated population, and the imminent release of blockbuster new movie titles, it’s time for AMC to continue to break even,” company CEO Adam Aron, SAY different.

A Quiet Place Part II and a sign of life from AMC is just the beginning. Cinemas, and movie theaters, have a lot more to do. Covid-19 is changing how people live their lives, and while it has left some of them (or at least me) calling for a theatrical experience, others are likely to find that they are just as good. happy to flow home. In a Monday column for different, Film writer Owen Gleiberman noted that “what is clear now is the way it will play out, next year and maybe in the next decade, there is already the overheating scale of a cultural war. To or not go? ”Gleiberman concludes by saying that last weekend it was proven that the love for going to the theater is still there but nothing in pop culture is for sure.However, this is the more obvious point.Uncertainty is one of the most widespread, non-medical side effects of the coronavirus.It is created in a world where there is no prediction even if, ironically, the outcome of Cruella.

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