The Tesla update enables an in-car camera for driver monitoring

Many years later Elon Musk told Tesla eye tracking was rejected as a method for resisting driver care because it was “ineffective,” owners of the new Teslas received cars that were active in appearance. Agreed to update notes to 2021.4.15.11, the camera cabin hanging above the rear-view mirror “detects and alerts the driver’s inattention while Autopilot is engaged.”

It brings Tesla’s line of other manufacturers that include cabin cameras to monitor vigilance while assists help, instead of relying solely on steering wheel torque. Some drivers have chosen to try and cheat Tesla’s existing systems, leading to reports of cars on the road that no one is in the driver’s seat. This is it not substitute steering wheel torque for monitoring, but we’ll see if that changes.

Tesla hacker Greentheonly is watching Tesla’s progress in developing software that monitors drivers, and shows what identifies the first versions of the system in some demonstration videos. A few more videos posted on social media in recent weeks it has been shown that drivers are starting to accept deliveries modified Model S and Model X with “yoke” steering wheel and other changes, so there may be a lot of tweaks to be found as soon as possible.

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