The Morning After: Spotify’s Only You lays out your amazing love of music

How truly eclectic do you like the music? Spotify is here to express how leftfield your playlists really are, with Just You. No, not a niche Kelly Clarkson ballad, but a new look that tells you how different your song combinations are to anyone’s.


It’s just you starts with a unique artist pairing, featuring two different musicians that you can walk between. It also gives you insight into music from specific years you’ve been constantly streaming, and even the music or podcast you’ve been listening to regularly at a specific time of day.

If you’re feeling more confident in your liking for the song – it’s from someone who stopped sharing to listen to on Spotify after being hecked by one of his Engadget colleagues – another new look, the Blend, can combine two music collections by one person into one updated playlist. daily. You are better than me.

– Mat Smith

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Morning After


If indoor speakers lights and bookcases it doesn’t work for you, what about a frame? While a sales page on Ikea’s site is no longer available, it briefly featured a new Symfonisk product that combines wireless speaker tech with, well, a photo frame. It can be used in black or white, which costs $ 199. According to its description, you can hang it on its own, place it on the floor or lean it against a wall. While it’s called a “photo frame,” it’s not like you can use it to display your own physical or digital images. It has “exchange rates,” however, fit the frame. The frame appears to have a fabric cover, which could be made into a trickier customized artwork, but we’ll wait to test one for ourselves before giving our verdict. Keep reading.

More Snapdragon -powered laptops.

Qualcomm recently announced a pair of updated Snapdragon ARM CPUs made for use with PCs, and now Samsung has announced . The new Galaxy Book Go promises to instantly create 18 hours of battery life with a chipset The 14-inch Windows 10 laptop can be customized with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and either 64GB or 128GB of built-in storage. It is scheduled to go on sale on June 10th, with prices starting at $ 349. Keep reading.


Donald Trump’s blog page is gone. From Donald J. Trump’s Desk that has permanently closed, and Trump’s elderly aide Jason Miller has confirmed it will never return. If you recall, the Trump blog was a preliminary response to Facebook’s Oversight Board’s decision to ban the ex-president’s social network. It launched May 3, meaning Trump’s blog also didn’t go live in the first month. Keep reading.

Definitely not Windows 11.

Morning After


completion during Build last week, Microsoft will officially unveil the new version of its operating system The event announcement follows the news , an OS variant originally intended for dual-screen devices. Windows 10 launched in 2015, what will continue to roll out in 2021? Keep reading.

Across phones, smartphones and tablets.

Huawei has launched its own operating system HarmonyOS 2, on smartphones and tablets, including the Mate 40, P40, Mate 30 and the MatePad Pro tablet. The company plans to move nearly 100 existing products away from Android and up to HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS 2 offers upgraded connectivity and comes with a drag-and-drop interface for pairs, making it as easy to move files between a tablet and a Windows PC-a something we’ve already seen on Huawei laptops.

To celebrate the new OS, the launch touched on a new smartwatch and three new Huawei tablets. That includes Huawei’s new 12.6-inch MatePad Pro with OLED display and its own Kirin 9000 processor. Keep reading.

Upgrade its external port of any gadgets.

Morning After


As summer approaches, it’s time to go outside. That means some fathers are adept at monitoring the grill, trying to keep the family safe from bug bites and perhaps enjoying a cold drink. Let’s upgrade those experiences. Keep reading.

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