The MacBook Air M1 dropped to $ 900 on Amazon

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The latest in Apple MacBook Air M1 dropped back to its all-time lowest price today. All color options on the Air M1 are now $ 900 thanks to an additional $ 50 coupon that knocks the sale price from $ 950 to $ 900. We finally saw this discount early on in it months, so now is the time to pick up the thin and light laptop if you haven’t been in the previous sale.

Buy the MacBook Air M1 on Amazon – $ 900

We consider the MacBook Air M1 the Apple laptop to get now if you’re in the market for a new one. We give it a score of 94 mostly because Apple didn’t mess with what we loved about the previous model – it just improved the bugs so the Air M1 looks like a new engine. The model on sale has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and the company’s new M1 chipset and the latter makes the biggest difference in how this laptop looks. We were impressed with its blazing speed, including how fast native apps like to load in Safari. While 8GB of RAM may seem insufficient, the M1 chip may actually be more capable than it is than previous processors.

We also wanted the Air’s simple but consistent design – the Retina display is beautiful, the keyboard and trackpad are air usable and its battery lasted more than 16 hours on a single charge in our test. While we weren’t excited about the limited port selection (the laptop only has two USB-C ports), we loved the fact that Apple didn’t put a fan inside the MacBook Air M1. That means you get a much quieter engine overall, and in our experience, the built-in heatsink and passive cool system are enough to keep the Air warm.

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