Tesla has begun phasing out radar sensors in favor of Autopilot vision only

Just last month Elon Musk SAYS Tesla started removing radar sensors from the makers of this car, and now Electrek points a post revealing that the process has already begun. New Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built for North America are no longer onboard to use driver assistance features such as Autopilot and the “Full Self Driving” system.

However, the change came so suddenly that buyers could receive vehicles with restrictions on the use of Autosteer, Smart Summon and Emergency Lane Departure avoidance. Software updates “in the coming weeks” will also enable features.

As in The Ship mentions, in the materials released with it Q1 revenue results, Tesla said “We believe that only system vision is necessary for total autonomy. Our AI-based software architecture relies heavily on cameras, to the point where radar becomes unnecessary even more expected. As a result, our FSD team is fully focused on transforming an autonomous vision-based system and we are almost ready to move the U.S. market to Tesla Vision. “

If you are waiting for the delivery of a Tesla, the company says to notify you of any changes to your Tesla account before it arrives. In the meantime, the Model S and Model X will continue to ship with onboard radar, at least for now.

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