Otter’s assistant can translate your Zoom Meetings for you

At this point in the pandemic, it’s safe to say that most of us would be happy if we didn’t have to attend another Zoom call. But with COVID-19 the concern still persists and companies like Google have moved on weeks of hybrid work, it is fair to say that video meetings can be an equal asset in most jobs for the foreseeable future. Audio translation company Otter thinks it has a potential solution for Zoom fatigue. It introduces a new piece of software called Otter Assistant that will attend to Zoom calls for your name and take notes for you.

The company claims to be instrumental in all Zoom meetings, even where you are not the host. When you connect to your Google or Microsoft Calendar, you can activate which calls you want Otter Assistant to join through the “My Agenda interface.” It is also possible to associate the software with an ongoing call by inputting the meeting URL in the same interface. At that point, your colleagues will see the Otter Assistant as yet another participant in the processes.

And while the Otter Assistant won’t pretend to be you, it will allow you to focus on talking to your colleagues instead of worrying about writing down everything they say. You also don’t have to worry about losing something important if you have to leave your computer for a while. At a meeting or when it’s over, you can share Otter Assistant’s work with your co -workers. Permissions like Google Docs allow you to judge whether your colleagues can edit or comment on the transcript. You also have the option to add images and highlight text sections, as well as send the document to people missing from the meeting. They are lucky.

Otter includes part of the Business subscription plans, which start at $ 20 per month per user. It’s worth pointing out Zoom comes with audio translation, but that’s also it part fee.

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