Nintendo Switch Online will soon offer more than 100 classic games

Nintendo will soon add five more classic games to Switch Online, bringing the total number of titles you can play through the subscription service to 104. The gaming giant used to add NES games to Transfer Online on a monthly basis from this time launched in 2018 until a year later. Not long after that added a set of the SNES titles in the selection options can be selected, however, Nintendo Office has partnered that it will no longer release classic titles every month. While the company hasn’t maintained a regular schedule for game uploads since then, it still rolls out updates that are regularly needed to expand the service’s library.

The additional SNES and NES titles will go on Switch Online on May 26. They don’t come close to any high profile as Super Mario or Donkey Kong games, but at the very least, these are new options for when you feel uncomfortable. Includes four new SNES games Caveman Ninja, an action game in which you impose Neanderthals that have fallen into your village, and a Candy Crush-outside game called Magical Drop2.

Naa pud Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 and Finding Spanky, another action game where you have to find your way out of a tower after being trapped by a magician. Meanwhile, the lone NES addition, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, will you take on the role of a ninja who must save a princess. In addition to giving you access to a collection of classics, Switch Online also gives you essential to play online with friends for matching titles such as Animal Passage: New Horizons. Just now, Nintendo also launched Pac-Man 99 for Switch, a battle royale game that will give you a chance to fight it out with 98 more players.

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