Morning After: The newly launched M1 iPad Pro, reviewed

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a showcase for its M1 processor, leading its tablet family. Or maybe it’s a show for the bright XDR screen. Maybe it’s the same.

Chris Velazco’s to review lays out how ridiculously loud this iPad is. This will be proven in the future no matter how many generations of upgrades. (You can also expect, too, prices for the 12.9-inch model to start at $ 1,099.)


Because they use the same Apple-made processor, these iPads are just as powerful as the latest MacBooks, at least in part. At this hour, the iPad app ecosystem (and iPadOS) may not yet be ready for all this power. But if it catches up, it could be the tree of the future portable computer.

– Mat Smith

Two motors and full-time four-wheel drive.

Morning After


The original F-150 Lightning was a sporty performance truck, but it doesn’t have anything close to the horsepower, torque or 0 to 60 hours of the new electric model that bears its name. Ford will start selling the first mainstream electric pickup (several are on the road, such as the Cybertruck and Hummer EV) next spring, and a translated commercial model could fetch as much as $ 40k.

A more reasonably equipped version of the XLT starts at under $ 53k, and if you opt for the enlarged battery version, you can expect up to 300 miles at the EPA’s estimated, 563 horsepower and 775 lb.- ft. in torque, which surpasses any other F-150 consistently. Switching on electricity means that under the hood, there’s a lot of frunk, and Ford comes with plenty of truck-powered capabilities to power your workplace, camping and even your home for up to three days.

If you can find a DC fast charger and have an enlarged model included, it can charge a lot of battery from 15 to 80 percent in 41 minutes, but at home from 15 to 100 percent (even the fastest charger sold by Ford) a night job of almost eight hours. If you’re planning a long drive, navigation can be a route that hits the chargers if you need it, taking into account your payload, what you’re carrying and even the weather conditions. There’s a lot more to learn about the new truck, so read on, and if you’re interested, pre-orders will open with a $ 100 deposit. Keep reading.

A fresh look.

Google at the I / O developer conference yesterday, and those who aren’t involved in dealing with buggy software can already give it a try. A preview of the upcoming OS will come on Google’s own Pixel phones as well . (For the record, it’s very easy to sign up using your corresponding device. Although I managed to get it.) So far, most of the changes are at the top. It will look much more varied, both more color and anything brighter. Editor Cherlynn Low reviewed all the changes. Keep reading.

This move could unite the fragmented smart home industry.

The object was formerly known as Project CHIP, or Connected Home over IP. It’s a collaboration between industry giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and many more to standardize the historically fragmented smart home ecosystem. Material supports a variety of protocols and assistants, including Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant as well as Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and Thread.

Endorsed by Google, Android will provide built-in support for Matter as well as ways to easily set up and control Matter-certified devices. It also announced its products along with Thread, including Nest Wifi, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub (2nd generation), “to be connection points for Matter devices.” In addition, Nest displays and speakers can be “automatically updated to control the Matter device,” which Google promises to bring “faster and more reliable experiences if they use Wi-Fi, Thread or Ethernet. .

The cause will result in much simpler setup and deployment processes, and with it, Android phones will be able to control all Matter’s corresponding devices once they support rolls on a wider scale. Keep reading.

He testified for defending Apple’s lock-down mode on the iOS App Store.

Apple has always been tapping Windows for malware issues, claiming macOS is the much more secure desktop operating system. However, the company offers a strange acceptance: macOS has its own malware problem. Recognition comes from Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, who testified Wednesday in the company’s Epic Games antitrust case. Federighi told the court in evidence that Apple had “a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t see acceptable.” Keep reading.

If you expect the definition of ‘classic’.

Nintendo will soon add five more games to Switch Online, bringing the total number of titles you can play through the subscription service to 104, to the entire NES and SNES game library. The new games will arrive on May 26, and it could be an arrival to call them classics. Super Mario World, they are not. The SNES additions are Caveman Ninja, Magical Drop2, Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 and Finding Spanky. Meanwhile, the only addition NES is Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, which I’m sure you all remember and worship. Keep reading.

Do you need one, and if so, which one?

Morning After


The case for smartwatches is a bit less muddy than before. With looks that can literally save lives (or even follow in your footsteps and unlock your laptop), it’s probably time to shop around for a smartwatch that suits you. Our guide runs through the basics that are known and our selection of the best ones out there And yes, it’s not just about the Apple Watch. Keep reading.

From the days before 480p.

The Remastured project uses AI to restore and color skin flicks from as far back as 125 years ago. The porn giant uses machine learning and 100,000 adult images and videos to teach AI how to color movies (maybe it also knows a thing or two about how movies are transmitted. man time 100 years before smartphones). Several algorithms are used to retrieve movies with “limited human intervention,” according to PornHub. Keep reading.

Both up and down. Now that’s innovation.

Morning After

Dynamic Robotics Laboratory

Four-legged robots with computer vision can usually handle stairs without issue, but getting a “blind” bipedal robot lacks LIDAR or optical sensors to do so. yet another challenge. Today, researchers from Oregon State University have achieved good work on a bipedal robot called Cassie (from Agility Robotics). Why would you want a blind robot to navigate the stairs? As the researchers pointed out, robots do not always rely on cameras or other sensors because of possible light blur, fog and other issues. Very well, they also use “proprioception” (body awareness) to navigate unfamiliar environments – just like how we do it. Keep reading.

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