IFixit is looking inside Apple’s new 24-inch iMac

It’s been years since the people of iFixit had new iMac to tear but They are now attacking Apple’s released 24 -inch model. If you compare it to the design of the 5K iMac in 2014 the thing that jumps out is how little space is taken up in the computer parts. Apple’s M1 chip, with associated hardware, RAM etc. is housed in a narrow log board that fits snugly inside the new desktop.

An X-ray shot revealed that while its antennas were hidden inside the Apple logo, they were not shaped like apples this hour. There seem to be no hidden RAM or SSD expansion slots hiding there, even if we don’t expect to upgrade the hardware on these machines. The iFixit tear is still going on, so take a look now and check back to find out exactly what those metal shields are, or how TouchID works with a wireless keyboard accessory.

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