Google makes it easy to find businesses with gender-neutral restrooms

Continuing Pride Month, Google added a small but easy to use Map and Search to help transgender, nonbinary and gender incompatible individuals. Local listings can now include a discussion of whether a business has gender -neutral restrooms. You’ll find that information listed under the benefits section of the tab section. As in the past, it is also possible if a business identifies itself as a transgender safe space.


That’s not the only new look the company has added to Maps. In another timely addition (after all, it’s World Bicycle Day on June 3), it expands the available bicycle sharing information. By the end of 2021, the company says the look will move beyond 100 more cities across 25 countries, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Portland, Miami and Boston. You can use that function to find bike sharing stations, as well as to see how many bikes are available for each.

Either way, that’s an exaggeration factor. When you first add Google bike sharing information to Maps, it will apply to 24 cities across 16 countries. The increase comes as more people search the company for cycling directions and information. According to Google, it sees people using Maps to bike which is, on average, 10 percent higher than they took in 2020.

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