Google Cast updates make it easy to easily transfer audio between devices

Google has announced several updates to it I / O developer conference today, which contains software for all different devices such as telephones, wearables, foldables and more. One of these platforms is Android TV, and in addition to a series of developer-centered improvements, the company also introduced new Cast Connect, Stream Transfer and Stream Expansion tools. This should be made as easy as possible to play things on Cast devices, once developers are done running their apps.

Cast Connect allows you to send content from your phone, tablet or Chrome browser to an Android TV app. Now if you ship an Android TV device, it doesn’t target specific apps on more screens. It can also allow you to control the environment of what you throw and possibly some interaction with the TV app.

In the meantime, Stream Transfer will allow you to transfer playback between supported devices and add Add speakers to improve what you are currently watching or listening to. That latter feature is sound that is especially useful as it can help those who are hard of hearing or just need a loud sound system by adding multiple output devices.

To get developers on board with the new tools, Google has made Android 12 Beta 1 available for TV today. It also introduces the former Google TV the emulator running on Android 11, as well as Android TV support for the Firebase Test Lab. The company says some of these looks are already available, while the rest are about to arrive, though it’s not yet clear who’s here now. With more than 80 million monthly active devices using Android TV, many people are likely to benefit from even more useful apps and enhancements coming to the platform.

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