Google brings a number of Enhanced Safe Browsing protections to Chrome

Google has strengthened the protections in Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing mode, which the company launched in 2020 to add an extra layer of security. It will add new features centered around extensions and downloads.

If Enhanced Safe Browsing is turned on and you install an extension from the Chrome Web Store that isn’t part of a trusted list, you’ll see a popup notifying you about that. Today, about 75 percent of extensions are considered reliable. In order for their extensions to be selected as such, developers must follow the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies. New developers must abide by the rules for at least a few months before they are considered reliable.


If you see the dialogue, that doesn’t mean the extension you’re installing isn’t safe, but you should be careful, just in case.

In addition, Enhanced Safe Browsing has additional protection against malicious downloads. When you download a file, Chrome is used first Google Safe Browsing analysis to determine if it is possible to doubt it. If Safe Browsing considers a file dangerous but is not clearly unsafe, you will see a warning if you enable Enhanced Safe Browsing. It will ask if you want to scan the file for a more detailed analysis.

Warning of Chrome Firmware Repair


Chrome the file can then be uploaded and once it has been scanned, you will see another warning if Safe Browsing believes it is unsafe. You can just skip the warning and open the file, but it’s at your own risk. Any files uploaded to Safe Browsing will be deleted immediately after they are scanned.

Google says it will launch these features starting with Chrome 91, the now stable build of the browser. As such, they should immediately come to Enhanced Safe Browsing.

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