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On May 14, the Israeli military’s official Twitter account tweeted a “pop quiz” video, inviting viewers to “imagine” that they themselves were the Israeli armed forces deciding what to do. will be done in response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. The answer options are: “A. Absolutely nothing[.] Allow terrorists to destroy Israeli towns, ”or“ B. Target terrorists firing rockets. ”

According to the military, there is “only one correct answer”: option B. In fact, a more accurate answer would have been something like: “C. Bomb Gaza to kill and kill the entire Palestinian family as ‘response’ to rockets that can’t even destroy Israeli cities – and Israel only fires them because Israel has spent the past 73 years killing and otherwise intimidating Palestinians. ”

Nearly 250 Palestinians have so far been killed, including 66 children, in the Israeli attack that began on May 10. As usual, the Israeli military account of Israel serves as a valuable resource. weapon for adapting war propaganda to strengthen the physical.

The account, which now boasts 1.5 million followers, is more dedicated to shifting the roles of victim and victim to portraying Israel as the latter – in theory a heavy task, given that the “victims “not always firmly establishing their country on other people’s land. and subject deserving inhabitants to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The completely unequal destruction of Israel and Gaza means that the Israeli military is constantly busy tweeting about air raid sirens, with helpful colored maps: “Every red dot marks the sirens in Israel in the last 30 minutes: Israel is under attack. “

If the red dots weren’t traumatic enough, a tweet on May 11 encouraged Twitter users to listen to an audio clip “SIRENS IN TEL AVIV” and “imagine hearing this sound and having seconds to run for your life. ” On May 12, another tweet announced: “3 AM and several rockets were fired in Tel Aviv. Families were awakened and rushed to detonate the bombs.”

Don’t think about the lack of air raid sirens or bomb shelters in Gaza. Imagine you, say, six-year-old Suzy Eshkuntana, recovered from the ruins of her home in Gaza City seven hours after an Israeli airstrike that killed her mother and four brothers. Or imagine that you are Eman Basher, a teacher at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, who on May 13 tweeted: “Tonight, I put the kids to bed in our room. So that when we die, we die together and no one lives to mourn the loss of each other. “

The Israeli army is part of the “imagination”, but only from the invented vision of Israel. Another bizarre video tweet, titled “Think This Is Your Reality”, is intended to show how “ALL IN ISRAEL IS THROWN INTO FIRE” through a montage of rockets, flames, and man running. The video encourages viewers to “think if it’s Washington”; “Imagine if it was Paris”; “Imagine if it was London”.

Meanwhile, this same army continues to impose a statement on the cinematic dimensions of the Gaza Strip. Imagining Israel as a victim takes a lot of imagination, really.

Rarely, the military has urged the Twittersphere to visualize events through a purported Palestinian perspective. Its May 18 video tweet, “Hamas’ Use of Hamas Shields, Explained, ”begins:“ Imagine your house is surrounded by terrorism ” – something that probably doesn’t require imaginative imagination for residents of Gaza, watching as Israel flaunts the tallest buildings around them.

Consistent with Israel’s less exhausting narrative, Palestinian “terrorists” are trapped in civilian areas and, therefore, are to blame if Israel exterminates civilians. To be sure, the military has always provided strong evidence to support this narrative – as would be expected of any entity with such technological expertise.

For example, a deleted version of the “Hamas Use of Hamas Shields, Explained” video included footage of Israel’s claim that Hamet rockets were engulfed in civilian neighborhoods in Gaza. But as Reuters reporter Raphael Satter points out, the shot is actually a “2018 Israeli training exercise” where – where is – Israel! (Satter goes on to say that the fact that the Israeli military has “trouble identifying Hamas rockets from Israeli rockets does not encourage confidence in the quality of their intelligence”.)

A similar digital snafu confronted the state of Israel in May 2010 when the military killed eight Turkish activists and a Turkish-American aboard the Mavi Marmara, the head of a flotilla seeking to deliver aid to Gaza. According to Israel’s official line, Israeli commandos descending from shooting people helicopters were the real victims at the scene, and the Israeli Foreign Minister mentioned uploading photos of the “weapons” that allegedly found on the boat, including marbles, keffiyehs, kitchen knives, and slingshots.

This photo of the catapult was originally determined to have been taken in February of 2006, i.e. more than four years before air commanders were brutally attacked in the middle of the sea by people carrying incubator children and medicine. in a surrounded coastal enclave. Granted, if your entire victimization story is false at first, what needs to be scrutinized in the details?

Finally, if you’re in the Israeli army and have an internet connection, there’s a lot you can’t argue about. The army manages to tweet about other breeds of current events, we can hear an assault of hunting rifles, legs of snorkelers attacking sharks, chains that preyed on tree trunks, cheese -eaten rats, and so on.

Regarding the role of journalists in passing on Israeli propaganda – something that has long been deliberately blamed on Western corporate media – it is claimed that the Israeli military deceived the foreign press into reporting an invasion of Gaza land on May 13 to arrange. to mobilize Hamas fighters in tunnels targeted for mass attacks.

Of course, there are also other options for dealing with the media – such as eliminating their offices in Gaza, as happened on May 15. (Consider Washington, Paris, or London.)

The Israeli army’s explanation for the attack on the 11-storey building, which destroyed the offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press as well as several civilian residences, that it was a “significant basis of operation for Hamas ’military intel”.

More on the point is the famous satirical outlet The Onion, which called on Israel to reduce its own international offices The Onion “to burning rubble as soon as possible,” so that there would not be any Hamas agents hiding there ”. The article urges Israel to “not give any preliminary warning to tenants who are in these buildings”, concluding that “if the carpet bombing the entire city block where our offices will be located will eventually end. already the cycle of violence, it is well worth any trouble ”.

Now, as the Israeli army continues to wage physical and digital warfare – destroying reality in the process – it’s time to downplay its narrative until it breaks down.

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