Easy Ways to Sell, Donate, or Modify Your Stuff

In the more new markets out there, Swappa one of the most polished and professional parts of moving any electronic item-in the case of phones, you just have to click a few buttons to figure out which model you want to sell. OfferUp made the process of selling anything from your phone very straightforward – just take a photo and fill out a template – while Located mark mark good bet for clothing items.

If you’re happy to move something locally, then Facebook Marketplace and Next door are two of the most popular options. You won’t reach as many people as you’d like on eBay, but you’ll probably have a quick and easy selling experience most of the time – these kinds of platforms are best if you’re more concerned about convenience than we are, and they They are both straightforward to begin with.

Give Your Thing

Tap on the Freecycle network to donate your items.

David Nield by Freecycle

If you feel generous, time really pushed, or both, so consider giving your things away. You don’t have a lot of money in the end, but it’s sure to be quick – people will bring almost (but never) anything if it’s free, and there’s a possibility that sources can be used in your area to make donations.

You can list your unwanted properties for free on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, ug Next door, which we have already mentioned. All three platforms are separated by local regions, and you don’t have to take long to find someone in the neighborhood willing to take things from you.

Since there is no money exchanging hands, you don’t have to be very careful in terms of the accuracy of your listing and quality of the photos-the person who takes your item won’t ask for a refund. —But it is still polite to correctly describe what you got and the condition in which it is

The Freecycle Network also worth seeing if you have something to give away for free. Again, the platform is separated by local regions, and you can browse lists for things people are searching for to see if there are any matches, or post a list describing what what you want to give and see if you have any gains.

Local charities are another option open to you, but be sure to check out what it is and don’t accept it before you drive a van loaded with things to a store. The website for your desired charity should tell you where your local shop or drop-off point is, and any instructions you need to know about arriving at items.

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