Apple has released iOS 14.6 with support for paid podcast subscriptions

Apple has already started around iOS 14.6 for regular iPhone users. Part of the title of the update is support for paid subscriptions to Apple Podcasts. From now on, you will see some of your audio shows offer benefits such as ad -free episodes if you agree to support them financially.

In today’s update Apple has also added support for the Apple Card Family. That’s another feature the company announced most recently Happened in Spring Forward. In short, you are allowed to take advantage of Apple The Family Sharing feature of your Apple Card. Up to five other people can use your card, and you can also access features like family expense tracking and optional options. Those you invite to your group can be as young as 13 – even if any co -host must be older than 18.

If you decide to take AirTags, IOS 14.6 adds a Lost Mode option so you can add an email instead of a phone number. If tapped on an NFC-enabled device, the tracker will also show the feature that is not hidden phone number of its owner. As with other iOS updates, you can check out the usual bug fixes and fixes. In the case of iOS 14.6, Apple says its release will fix an issue starting to work on some iPhones, as well as a bug that sometimes causes Bluetooth devices to disconnect when there is a call .

In addition to iOS 14.6, Apple has released macOS 11.4 and watchOS 7.5 in public as well. The former adds expanded GPU support for AMD RDNA2 video cards, including 6800, 6800XT and 6900XT. As with iOS 14.6, there is also support for paid subscriptions to Apple Podcasts. Meanwhile, the highlight of watchOS 7.5 is that Apple’s ECG app is currently working in Malaysia and Peru.

As always, you can prompt your iOS device to manually update by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and tapping “Software Update,” which can be found under the section “General” in the menu.

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