20 Technology Smart Deals for Memorial Day 2021 (Updated): Roku, Smart Accessories, and More

We have roundups the most brain speakers, Google speakers, soundbars, ug smart displays.

Sony XB501G Speaker for $ 100 ($ 200 discount): We’re fans of Google Assistant, and we especially loved this speaking for parties, which we hope to launch again soon. It has two drivers and a subwoofer in a small 9-inch cube. It is also water resistant (IP65) and has 16 hours of battery life. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi when you’re at home, or use it over Bluetooth when you’re not. Plus there are LEDs and mini strozer lights.

Facebook Portal Mini for $ 90 ($ 39 discount): We have to strive to separate the cool little device from the social network that makes it. If you think you can do that, we believe you will like it.

Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Photo Frame for $ 135 ($ 45 discount): We like Nixplay frames all the time and I prefer the matte finish of this one rather than the shiny 9.7-inch version of it. Read it all our digital picture frame picks here.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) for $ 80 ($ 50): The stock changes on this deal, so if you can’t see the sale price, also try to come back later. It’s not the latest release, but it’s still one good smart display. You can also save the first generation a little more Echo Show 5. Keep in mind that both of these are cheaper almost on many shopping holidays. You can find out about their looks in our guide.

Roku Deals

Roku Ultra

Photo: Roku

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, check out our instructions on best soundbars and in that Roku is right for you.

Roku Ultra for $ 88 ($ 12 discount) on Amazon: The updated Ultra is more expensive than most of the options other than the Roku soundbars, but it does have more powerful Wi-Fi and the ability to stream Dolby Vision. It also has an Ethernet port and has earbuds that connect to the remote area for private or night viewing if you’re trying to be quiet.

Roku Express HD for $ 25 ($ 5 discount) on Amazon: It’s a perfectly fine Roku if you have a standard HDTV. It has the basic Roku offerings, with no extras like voice detection, and the remote can’t control the power or volume of your TV.

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