13 Best Laptop Backpacks for Work and Life (2021)

How, when, and where we work everything changes quickly – especially during a global pandemic when many of us don’t work outside of our homes for several months. That doesn’t mean it will go on forever, and you can get back to yours reality office then. Even if you work from home normally, you can eventually move things and spend a day working elsewhere. Whether your gig is in an entire office tower with an open floor plan or just a coffee shop down the street, we have a suitable and handy backpack for you.

We were looking for backpacks with a suspended lining, mixed with a laptop arm; durable fabrics and waterproof zippers; and many storage options. These are our favorites. Be sure to check out our guide as well best messenger bag.

Updated May 2021: We’ve added several styling options, the Rains Backpack and Troubadour Tote, including some of the dignitaries mentioned.

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